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WWE: More realism to be introduced into matches

As evidenced by the knockout finish to the Big Show vs Undertaker bout at No Mercy, WWE is trying to inject their matches with a bit more realism and get rid of certain moves that don’t sell very well. One of the reasons the company has decided to bring in Norman Smiley to work with developmental talent is because he is well versed in the Japanese style of wrestling that focuses more on realism in the ring. As we reported a few weeks ago, although it was never mentioned on TV, closed fist punches are now legal in WWE and the feeling is they will help sell knockouts and look better than slaps.

The knockout punch finish is something that creative has been toying with using for quite sometime now, and although they did go with it for the Big Show/Taker match, the general feeling was that it did not go over very well and left the live crowd very confused. So although we may be seeing a more realistic approach to WWE’s ring style being slowly introduced in the future, the knockout finish may be something WWE holds off on for awhile.