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WWE: Possible solution for people having trouble viewing Smackdown on MyNetworkTV

The following are emails I’ve received from more fans having trouble watching Smackdown since its move to MyNetwork:

“Just to let you know as well- Direct TV in St Lucie and Palm Beach Counties Florida, does not carry My Network either… as a loyal fan of WWE and Smackdown for several years- I, along with the 160,000 people in Port Saint Lucie alone, will not be able to watch Smackdown anytime soon…”

“Just to let you know if you’re being bombarded with emails from people stating they don’t have My Network TV, then put Boise, Idaho on the map. We don’t get that channel over here and it’s really disappointing for me and others because I’ve been watching Smackdown since it premiered back in 1999.”

“I figured I would also let you know a lot of homes in South Carolina, especially in the Myrtle Beach area do not have MyNetwork TV.”

Wikipedia has compiled a list of all local MyNetwork affiliates across the country which may help some people who are having trouble viewing Smackdown.