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WWE: News about the Wellness programs effects on Superstars

When the WWE Wellness program started the substances targeted were Anobolic Steroids and illegal drugs. Over time WWE has added numerous other substances to an ever-growing list of banned drugs and substances.

In fact now it is not safe for WWE stars to even buy legal suppliments from a GNC store and many of the ingredients found in then are now banned.

For example GNC sells a product called TREN XTREME MUSCLE ACTIVATOR made by American Cellular Labs. The ingredients are 19 mg Norandrosta, 4.9 mg Diene, 3.17 mg Dione. On the WWE banned list are Norandrostenendione & Norandrostenendiol. A WWE star might miss the chemical similarity between Norandrostra and the two banned products, but believe me Norandrostra will show up in a test as a banned substance.

So many WWE stars now don’t even risk buying the legal GNC products, as with WWE adding new banned substances with some regularity, the risk is too high.

So, one can not assume when a WWE star is suspended that they took anything illegal, as it is as likely what they used came from GNC and was purchased legally.