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TNA: Major Change Made To Creative Process

The buzz at the iMPACT taping on Tuesday was that the agents have been given more control over laying out the matches and finishes. In the past, the TNA creative team did the bulk of the work and the agents basically conveyed their direct orders to the talent. The general feeling is that TNA’s house show matches have been better than their televised matches because the agents had more input.

The creative team will obviously still determine who wins and loses, with Jeff Jarrett having the final say, but the feeling among wrestlers is that this was a much-needed move by the company. The wrestlers believe they can talk over their concerns with the agents more, and even lobby for positive changes in the match layouts. Whereas before, the agents had no choice but to stick to the script they were given by the creative team, even if they agreed with the ideas the wrestlers were giving them.

The wheels started going in motion on this at the Bound For Glory PPV. There isn’t expected to be a major noticeable difference at first, but it is a move the wrestlers are happy with.