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WWE: Paul London his status and personal issues

Thanks to Marilyn Johnson for sending this in:

I had the unexpected chance to spot Paul London while I was visiting relatives in Austin, TX late last week. He was very nice and stopped for a brief chat for a few minutes. Here are some things we talked about:

Plans on returning to the ring, but not sure when; it depends on where he is needed and what creative has planned in the future. At the moment, however, he is dealing with family and personal situations and hopes to be back “real soon.”

Appeared to be quite enthusiastic about being included in the SmackDown vs. Raw 2009 video game, and thinks what he has seen of the game so far is “pretty cool.”

Commented on Lance Cade’s release a few days earlier which completely shocked him. He couldn’t go any further on what actually happened, though.

Cleared up a few rumors:

On being released/quit the company: “I’m still with WWE, just on a leave.

On being “jealous” of former tag partner Kendrick’s recent push: “I couldn’t be more thrilled for Bri; honestly, his latest success makes me happy, if anything.”

On being injured: “I am not injured. There were minor things back late this past summer, but I’ve long healed up from those.”

On being ‘dead’: “Last time I checked, I was still breathing (laughed).”

On being secretly engaged/married/etc.: “If that is the case, someone forgot to tell ME!” As mentioned in a previous interview, the only ‘marriage’ is to his career and the only ‘family’ he has close to him at home are his two dogs. He did affectionately mention “a very close platonic friendship with an older woman in Pennsylvania ("somehow I tend to click more with women over 25")”, but didn’t elaborate.

On the internet community: “It doesn’t bother me much. I do visit a lot of fan sites, including my close friend’s, not just one or two, so hopefully no one is thinking they’re special and I’m just visiting theirs and not anyone else’s (laughed)!”

In closing, he stated that, “I‘m sorry if some fans feel ‘let down‘ or whatever because of my long absence from TV and house shows, but there are some things that are more important that should have to be given attention. There will be plenty of time for me to resume my career, but I haven‘t forgotten the fans. Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts, though.”