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WWE RAW October 20, 2008 Results

The 804’th edition of RAW emanated from the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, TX. In two week, RAW will host a special 3-hour event celebrating RAW’s 800 episodes.

Match Results

  • Kelly Kelly & Candice Michelle def. Katie Lea & Jillian by Kelly Kelly pinning Jillian following the K2.
  • JBL def. Stone Cold Steve Haastin by pin following the Clothesline From Hell.
  • Rey Mysterio def. Snitsky by pin following the 619 Splash.
  • The Miz & John Morrison (ECW) def. CM Punk & Kofi Kingston (RAW) by The Miz rolling up CM Punk.
  • Two-Man Gauntlet Match: Non-Title: 1) Batista def. William Regal by pin following the Batista Bomb. 2) Chris Jericho def. William Regal by pin following the Codebreaker. 3) Mark Henry (ECW) def. Chris Jericho (RAW) by DQ following a title belt shot. 4) Batista (RAW) def. Mark Henry (ECW) by pin following a Spinebuster. 5) Kane (with Batista) def. Chris Jericho by pin following a big boot. 6) Batista def. Kane by pin following a Spear.

Match Quality

  1. Two-Man Gauntlet Match
  2. The Miz & John Morrison Vs. CM Punk & Kofi Kingston
  3. JBL Vs. Stone Cold Steve Haastin
  4. Snitsky Vs. Rey Mysterio
  5. Kelly Kelly & Candice Michelle Vs. Katie Lea & Jillian