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WWE/TNA: Booker T And The Boogeyman Involved In A Bar Incident

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that Booker T and WWE star The Boogeyman, real name Marty Wright, were visiting a local Houston sports ball this past weekend called Vito’s Deck House and were involved in an incident that ended with the authorities being called.

Wright and Booker entered the bar and it’s being reported that Wright was wearing a chain with a cross on it. They were told by bar management that the cross was against dress code and that it must be removed before the two could enter the premises, otherwise they would have to leave. Booker then got upset and asked to speak to the manager who explained the cross was a violation of the dress code. Booker asked where the dress code was posted, however found nothing that indicated that crosses were not allowed.

Police were called after Booker and Wright refused to leave and Booker informed them that two other patrons at the bar were wearing crosses yet they were not approached by management.

Booker has a protest scheduled and he hopes it gets as much publicity as possible to inform people about the sports bar suppressing people’s freedom to express their belief in God.