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WWE: John Cena Responds To Triple H’s Comments About His Career

Triple H explained why John Cena is so passionate about WWE. “This is his life, this is his wife, this is his kids,” Hunter said in an interview with Australia’s Herald Sun. “This is everything he has.”

Cena wasn’t offended by Hunter’s comment. “I guess I am a one-trick pony,” Cena said. “I love what I do. I’ve had opportunities to make a living in other facets of entertainment and I’ve turned a lot of things down to stay in the wrestling ring. However, I choose to look at it, Triple H is actually very correct.

“I’ve been in this company for a while now and everybody knows I’m the guy who doesn’t say no. I want to spread the good word of this company to whoever will listen. I don’t have a wife, I don’t have kids, and I certainly travel 300 days a year. This is my family. I certainly don’t have a backup plan. This is all I have.” To read the full article, visit

Triple H was heard saying the same thing on the recent Cena Returns vignettes.