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WWE: SmackDown Coming Soon To Lexington Viewers

 The WTVQ affiliate out of Lexington, KY has announced the following:

"Get ready for the Smackdown! WTVQ-TV/DT announced Friday that it has reached an agreement with MyNetworkTV to become the Lexington, KY broadcast affiliate. WTVQ will broadcast the primetime schedule of MyNetworkTV on its second digital channel, 36-2. For those who watch us on cable, it will air on channel 436 on most systems in the Bluegrass (with the exception of Frankfort and Irvine, who receive this channel on 247). Among the programs offered on MyNetworkTV, is WWE Smackdown, which airs Friday nights at 8p.m. As part of the agreement with MyNetworkTV, WTVQ has agreed to re-broadcast Smackdown on WTVQ-TV/DT (36-1 ABC), Saturday nights at 11:35 p.m. following WTVQ 36 News at 11."