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WWE: Vince McMahon Announces Sixth Tribute To The Troops Show

A select number of WWE Superstars and crew will be heading to Baghdad,
Iraq, in the beginning of next month to tape the Tribute to the Troops
Christmas edition of Monday Night RAW. WWE Chairman Vince McMahon revealed
this during an interview with website while talking about RAW’s
800th show celebration which airs tomorrow. "We go to all the FOBs [Forward
Operating Bases] where nobody goes. It’s really cool to see the looks on the
men’s and women’s faces when they see a touch of Americana. We actually get
more out of it, I think, than the troops do," he said. "The feedback you get
is enormous. They so much appreciate any slice of Americana. It’s really all
about the troops. It’s not about us. The matches and so forth are OK, but
it’s really about messaging and communication." The exact dates and
locations which will be visited by the WWE crew are not advertised prior to
actually going to Iraq due to security issues. This year’s show will not be
airing on USA Network as in the past but it will air on NBC.