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WWE: Additional Information About Marijuana Crackdown

As we noted here earlier on, prowrestling.NET is reporting increased scrutiny by WWE on those using marijuana, plus $1000 fines.

It is true that quite a few wrestlers have tested positive for marijuana and have been fine $1000, several have repeatedly been fine.

In fact several big name wrestlers left WWE entirely in part because of the fines related to their marijuana use. At least one wrestler’s recent release by WWE was tied to repeat positive marijuana tests.

For some WWE stars the back-up plan for marijuana has been to drink more alcohol, which is legal and not a restricted drug unless a wrestler is found impared at a show. Add prescription pills to the mix (doctor prescribed), and you have much more severe potential problems than are created by marijuana (and that have led to talent release too), but since marijuana remain illegal in most States, WWE is in a tough spot given how complete their testing now is. How do they ignore pot, when there are even legal products sold at GNC that can cause test failures and that have led to talent releases.