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WWE/TNA: Major TNA Talent Jumping Ship To WWE?

It looks like former NWA champion Christian Cage will be jumping ship to WWE once his contract expires next month according to Cage is still in contract negotiations with TNA however many around him believe that he’s done with the company. The news of Cage most likely leaving TNA was even played during a segment of the upcoming iMPACT! which airs this Thursday on Spike TV. Cage left WWE on the best of terms and even appeared at Taboo Tuesday when his employment with WWE was already terminated because he was one of the five choices eligible to be voted for a match. Cage made his TNA debut at Genesis 2005 and called WWE "old and boring" and the company took Cage to a fight a year later when he tried to trademark the name ‘Captain Charisma’ which he used in WWE. Eventually Cage gave up and switched his nick name to ‘Instant Classic’. Before jumping to TNA, Cage was with WWE from 1998 till 2005. While in TNA he won the NWA World Heavyweight title twice.