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TNA: Nash Recommended Hall Be Removed From Ringside During PPV?

The Newsletter is reporting that Kevin Nash recommended that TNA officials kick the intoxicated Scott Hall out of the building at the Turning Point PPV on Sunday night. Nash even went so far as to suggest that police should escort Hall off the property. Hall was upset with Nash, but eventually left without incident.

Hall was not scheduled to be included in the storylines, nor was he allowed at ringside. Hall simple showed up with the Insane Clown Posse, who were granted permission to sit in the front row in their JCW shirts as part of a friendly promotional deal. Jeff Jarrett personally gave ICP permission to appear on camera, but was unaware that Hall would be accompanying them. There is no heat between TNA and ICP, but management didn’t want Hall to distract fans from the in-ring action so they had them removed after a couple matches.