CBlog XXXI- Christian, Releases and WWE Survivor Series 2008 Predictions

Hello all and welcome to CBlog #31 (or XXXI). In this blog, I will be discussing Christian’s rumored return to the WWE, the recent string of WWE Releases, & my predictions for tomorrow night’s Survivor Series. I will post another blog sometime after Survivor Series to give my thoughts on that as well. Expect that either Monday or Tuesday.

On to the first topic of discussion- Christian possibly returning the the WWE when his TNA Contract expires next month. I honestly hope that he will return to the WWE. From what I’ve read, he left the WWE in 2005 on good terms (despite the fact that he actually quit). I think he can be a contender for either the WWE or World Heavyweight Title. Not the ECW Title so much as that’s kind of an insult. I would love to see him renew his feud with Edge. That would promise to be another chapter in that great feud. The only question would be- who would be face and who would be heel? It seems to me that in some cases, WWE is benfiting from former superstars going to TNA. Like in the case of R-Truth & Christian. Truth was playing second banana to Road Dogg back in 2000, but when he was released and went to TNA, he really upped his game and made a name for himself and now he back in the WWE as good as he’s ever been. Before Christian’s departure, he was floating around mid-card level, but then he started getting jobbed out left and right and after quitting and heading to TNA, he won the NWA Title, which I think may have raised his game. TNA is dropping the ball by letting Christian go. In fact, they dropped the ball by making him job. I look forward to Christian’s reemergence into the WWE, if it does indeed happen.

I also heard that Dustin Runnels (better known as Goldust) has signed a talent contract with the WWE. Goldust has always been an interesting and entertaining character and I hope this is true.

I also heard last month that Mexican star Dos Caras, Jr. has signed on with the WWE and may be debuting at the Royal Rumble in Detroit. I am interested to see how Caras performs.

Now to switch gears from new and returning superstars to the recently released WWE superstars:

Kenny Dykstra- In this case, it’s kind of a curse for most of the former Spirit Squad members. Dykstra was not being used for anything at all and I believe it was smart to cut out the superstars that are going nowhere fast.

Lena Yada- Lena never really stuck out or was anything special at all, really. Glad to see her gone.

Armando Estrada- Sucked as a wrestler and was just being volleyed around on ECW. If he stayed a manager or General Manager, he would of been fine.

Elijah Burke- This one was a shame. I was disappointed to here that Burke had been let go. He was probably the most talented of the group that got released. On the other hand, he wasn’t being used whatsoever, so it’s good for him to move on and hopefully succeed elsewhere.

Chuck Palumbo- A decent wrestler, but if they have nothing for him, they have nothing for him. Palumbo is one of those guys that will be fine elsewhere. Supposively, he’s already got a job lined up in Mexico.

Paul London- Like Palumbo, a guy that will be fine regardless of where he goes from here. This was a release that was a long time coming in my book. Ever since he was shown smiling on RAW last June prior to Vince getting “blown up”, you had to know he was on the chopping block.

Super Crazy- Apparently Crazy asked for his release because he was tired of going nowhere in the WWE and wanted to work elsewhere. I say good riddance, he really should have been released after the whole “Mexicools” group fell apart.

Now my predictions for this Sunday’s Survivor Series:

World Heavyweight Championship- I may not like it (in fact I hate it), but it’s all too apparent that the returning John Cena will win the World Title over Chris Jericho. It’s a shame, really. I wish he would not bother coming back at all.

WWE Championship- This one could go either way for Triple H, Jeff Hardy, or Vladimir Kozlov. Although I predict Triple H retaining, I do not back that 100% as I can see either Jeff or Kozlov getting the gold by hook or crook. Kozlov’s winning streak is at stake in this one and WWE has been building him to be a main event player for quite some time now, so he could possibly get the belt. Jeff seems to be the most likely candidate to win, but I’m not sure if the WWE can trust him with a title reign, given his track record. For the duration of the build to this match, Triple H has been treated as if he’s the underdog and has no real chance of retaining. No matter who wins, I can see the win being controversial (controversy at Survivor Series? Again?), as most Triple Threats do end controversially. I do not see Triple H taking the fall regardless of who wins. Jeff will pin Kozlov or Kozlov will pin Jeff or Triple H will pin Jeff or Kozlov. I still say Triple H will retain, but it’s more of a guess than a solid prediction.

Casket Match- Some people may disagree, but to me, this Undertaker/Big Show feud has been great so far and I hope that their Casket Match is no different. I see Undertaker winning this match and ending the feud between these two. I originally thought this match would be a Buried Alive Match after Big Show made the comment about “burying” Undertaker. If this feud is not over this Sunday, I can see the two facing off in Hell in a Cell at Armageddon.

Team Batista Vs. Team Orton- I see Team Orton winning this one, no real reason why.

Team JBL Vs. Team Michaels- Since I predicted the heel team winning the other Elimination Match, I will predict the faces winning this one (Team Michaels).

Team RAW Vs. Team SmackDown- I could really care less who wins, but for the sake of predicting it, I will say that Team RAW will win (as they should).

I will be watching Survivor Series this Sunday and, like I said, I will probably be posting another blog sometime after Survivor Series (probably within the week). In case I don’t post another blog in time- Happy Thanksgiving. Peace.