CBlog XXXII- Thoughts on WWE Survivor Series 2008

Well, here are my thoughts on the 2008 Survivor Series. Obviously, I am very disappointed that Cena is champion again. I knew that given all the hype and everything, he would win the title, but I still hoped that he would lose to the better man. When Cena won the title, I felt physically ill. You would think that he would work on his wrestling skills when preparing for his own return, but I guess not. I was amused that Cena got so many boos in his supposed “hometown”. Cena’s title win is another case of the WWE Staff working to please Vince McMahon and his little pet as opposed to doing what the fans want to see.

Edge appearing was fairly predictable after Matt’s backstage interview earlier in the night telling how Jeff was hit from behind with a “blunt object”. That sealed it for me that Edge would appear. However, him actually getting the WWE Title was still up in the air for me for many reasons. Including the fact that Jeff was more than likely to run in, not to mention the fact that Cena was already going to win the World Title. I think the ending to that match was well done, though I think it would have been better if Jeff would have been successful in keeping Edge from winning the title. That would have been a better twist, really. This “Ultimate Opportunist” gimmick for Edge is getting pushed a little too much and a little too often. Not to mention the fact that this is the second Survivor Series in a row where Edge made a “surprise” return. I am glad that Edge is the champion again. It’s also good that Kozlov was not pinned. It would be cool to have Edge reveal that he did not attack Jeff himself, but instead hired someone else to do the job- Christian. That would be a great twist, as well. I guess from here, the two big feuds will be Edge Vs. Jeff over the WWE Title and Triple H Vs. Kozlov. Either that or both feuds will be combined, leading to a Fatal 4-Way at Armageddon. I heard three prominent chants during Triple H & Kozlov’s one-on-one encounter- “Boring”, “We Want Hardy”, & “TNA”. Maybe I am missing something, but the “TNA” chant didn’t really seem to apply for the match. Was the Boston fans saying that the match was as bad as a TNA match? or was they saying they would rather be at a TNA event? In any case, I hope that the match that Trips & Kozlov had one-on-one was intentionally slow and boring, if not, I hope we never see it again.

I am also curious where the Undertaker/Big Show feud will go from here. For once, Cole was right, that Casket Match was the most unique Casket Match in WWE history (at least in my opinion). I don’t recall ever seeing a competitor destroy the casket, nor have I seen the match end by someone Irish-whipping an opponent into a standing casket for the win. I am also curious how the relationship between Vickie & Big Show will play out now that Edge is back. Will Edge & Show work together or will Show be outed from the group or what? I think it would be interesting to see Edge & Big Show be a team and tag together for a while and have Show assist Edge in retaining the title. If this Show/’Taker feud is not over, I can see them having their final encounter at Armageddon in Hell in a Cell. How awesome would it be to see the return of the Armageddon Hell in a Cell Match with Edge defending the title against Triple H, Jeff Hardy, Big Show, Vladimir Kozlov, & a couple other guys they could throw in, like R-Truth and/or Khali; someone to fill out the match.

The best Elimination Match of the night was easily the Team Orton Vs. Team Batista one. Orton picking up the win and being one of the two sole survivors with Cody Rhodes was great and interesting for their feud. I was surprised to hear how much Orton was cheered before, during, and after that match. I think that WWE would have been better off with Jericho Vs. Orton for the World Title. I would have enjoyed that match much more and they would be able to have a one-on-one match for the title that did not end in controversy (referencing last year’s Armageddon match for the WWE Title where JBL caused a DQ, keeping Jericho from winning the title). If WWE would have switched gears (so to speak) and had Survivor Series be the big return of Orton as opposed to Cena, it would have been more popular in Boston.

The Team Michaels Vs. Team JBL match was decent, but no real surprises in that one. The RAW Vs. SmackDown Divas Elimination Match was just a huge botchfest and was a mess all the way around. It was pretty painful to watch.

By the way, did anyone else notice that WWE Referees are now all wearing the traditional black-and-white? I read it from WrestleZone a week or so ago and I guess it is true, after all (WZ is not very good at reporting things that are true, they are still calling the wrestlers “Entertainers”, since they heard a rumor that WWE was going to be calling them that, even though they obviously dropped it).

Over all, a decent Survivor Series. It could have been better, but a decent one, nonetheless.

I will probably be posting another blog sometime closer to WWE’s next pay-per-view, Armageddon (December 14). Happy Thanksgiving. Peace.