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Big WWE News: ICP & Scott Hall To "Crash" The Royal Rumble?

After crashing the TNA Turning Point pay-per-view, the Insane Clown
Posse are saying that they plan to attend the Royal Rumble and show up
with former WCW, WWE and TNA star Scott Hall. The hip hop duo – who are
from Detroit which is the site for the Rumble – announced this during a
recent edition of ‘The Main Event’ audio show. Hall and the ICP were at
the TNA PPV wearing JWO – Juggalo World Order – t-shirts and sat in front
row. TNA security eventually ejected the trio from the arena to avoid any
problems. It will be interesting to see how WWE security will handle this.
In the late 90s, ICP worked for both WWE and WCW and then had a stint in
TNA as well in 2004.