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WWE: Company Loses Its TV Deal In Germany

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German pay-tv provider, Premiere, announced on their official website that they will no longer be carrying WWE programming due to conflicts between the TV outlet and the wrestling company. This is the first time the German TV outlet hasn’t shown WWE shows since 2002.

Both sides are still in talks for negotiating a deal, but have yet to come to terms upon which they can agree. Premiere has stated that they want to provide better WWE programming to the German audience instead of what is being provided to them. Though they do receive live pay-per-views, they only receive the 1-hour international edition of RAW, which is usually on a one-week delay. Premiere would like to receive full episodes of RAW as well as additional programming that will keep German fans up to speed on what;s going on in the WWE. Plans were set in motion for Premiere to receive full RAW episodes starting December 11th, and also receive WWE Experience in exchange for Bottomline. However, that deal has yet to be confirmed and, as of press time, both sides are still negotiating terms.

Premiere has given the WWE a guaranteed TV platform for the past 6 years. Premiere aired five shows for the WWE (including RAW in international cut format, ECW, Bottomline, Afterburn, and the Vintage Collection) in a one-week delay format and all pay-per-views live. The German company also runs full IMPACT! episodes and live TNA pay-per-views.