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WWE: Creative Pitching Idea’s For A Kurt Angle Return?

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that WWE creative has begun brainstorming return scenarios in the event that Kurt Angle decides to return to the company when his TNA contract expires next September. It should be noted that these meetings are simply preliminary, and that no concrete decisions have been made by Kurt Angle in any way. WWE officials were surprised when Angle recently did a shoot interview speaking highly of WWE and even Triple H, which gave them the feeling that he may be more willing to return to the company than people had originally thought.

If Angle does return to WWE, we would most likely see him work a lighter schedule similar to what Shawn Michaels works, where he would appear on TV tapings, PPV’s and the occasional house show. It should be noted that although WWE would most likely bring Kurt back into the company if he wanted to return, there are those backstage who feel bringing him back would be a mistake as his departure to TNA two years ago was marred by controversy and his physical condition was a serious concern.