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WWE SmackDown December 5, 2008 Results

The 486’th edition of WWE SmackDown came to you from the Times Union Center in Albany, NY.

Match Results

  • Non-Title: Edge (in his in-ring return to SmackDown) def. Kung Fu Naki by pin following the Spear.
  • Non-Title: Maria def. Michelle McCool by roll-up.
  • Hurricane Helms (in his return to SmackDown) def. MVP by pin following the Shining Wizard.
  • Tag Team Gauntlet Match: Triple H & Jeff Hardy def. Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder by Triple H pinning Zack Ryder following the Swanton Bomb by Jeff Hardy.
  • Tag Team Gauntlet Match #2: The Miz & John Morrison (ECW) def. Triple H & Jeff Hardy (SD) by Count-Out.
  • Non-Title: Matt Hardy (ECW) & Chavo Guerrero (ECW) fight to a No Contest when Vladimir Kozlov (SD) interferes.
  • Steel Cage Match: The Undertaker def. Big Show by submission to Hell’s Gate (formerly the Devil’s Triangle).

Match Quality

  1. Steel Cage Match
  2. Tag Team Gauntlet Match #2
  3. Edge Vs. Kung Fu Naki
  4. Tag Team Gauntlet Match
  5. Maria Vs. Michelle McCool
  6. Hurricane Helms Vs. MVP
  7. Matt Hardy Vs. Chavo Guerrero


During the second Gauntlet Match, Triple H and Jeff Hardy started brawling, eventually getting them counted out. Later, Vickie Guerrero announced that they will have a match against each other next week (two days before Armageddon).