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WWE: JBL Sends Fellow Traveler To “Extreme” Lengths On Iraq Tour

– is reporting that former WWE Champion John ‘Bradshaw’
Layfield got his lights knocked out during the Iraq tour thanks to the
former ECW commentator Joey Styles. Styles, who heads up the
division, was on his first tour of Tribute to the Troops and JBL made it a
point to make his life a living hell with jokes and the typical JBL nonsense
that makes him every new wrestler’s enemy backstage at shows. Known for his
hazing, JBL "bullied" Styles according to Mike Johnson over at
and when Styles couldn’t take it anymore he simply did what others wish
they’d done before – knock him the f out. Styles punched JBL in front of
everyone, cutting him below the eye and giving him a nice shiner. JBL
eventually stopped his jokes on Styles after the humiliation and the two
continued the tour without any more incidents. Good job Joey and…OH MY