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WWE: Linda McMahon explains Company Strategy To Hook Kids

Linda McMahon appeared at the UBS Media Conference in New York City this afternoon to describe the company’s strategy of getting kids hooked on WWE at a young age. Of course, the new WWE Kids Magazine and website were brought up.

Linda McMahon described it as a "from the cradle to the grave" strategy to build generational loyalty to the WWE brand.

In an effort to paint a rosy picture of WWE’s strategy, she told a story about a set of parents telling WWE officials at a live event that they wouldn’t let their kid watch RAW until he raised his school grades on his report card from a C to a B.

This strategy is specifically why WWE has toned down it’s product from the Attitude era. While there are still many things on the show not suitable for children watching at home, it’s definitely family-friendly compared to the more often than not adult-oriented TNA product.