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WWE/TNA: Kurt Angle Thinking About A WWE Return Next Year?

Jason Powell of is reporting that Kurt Angle has been telling people close to him that he is very seriously contemplating a return to WWE. He is reportedly frustrated with the creative direction that both he and TNA are following, and appears to have little faith in Jeff Jarrett’s lead. Angle’s current contract is set to expire next fall, and at this point he would ditch his job with TNA and return to WWE if he could. Angle has spoken out about his concerns, most notably in the interview he did in the UK which sparked the TV feud between him and Jeff Jarrett.

Should Angle decide that he ultimately wants to return to WWE, it appears they would welcome him back despite anything negative he has said about working there in the past. Vince McMahon has a long standing forgive and forget policy when it’s good for business, and in the case of Kurt Angle there would be no hesitation on WWE’s part to bring him back into the company. He would most likely work a reduced schedule akin to The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels, which would alleviate the issues he had with WWE prior to his TNA debut.