CBlog XXXIII- Thoughts on WWE Armageddon 2008

I want to warn all of you reading this that you should not read this post if you are sensitive to extreme amounts of cheesiness or if you are sensitive to some major marking out (this is actually after I have had some time to sit on it too).
To quote comedian/impressionist Frank Caliendo- Oh My Freakin’ Gawd!
Jeff finally did it! He has won the WWE Title! The biggest title to be won in wrestling and Jeff has finally won it after all of the drugs, suspensions, tragedies, and doubters. Jeff is a World Champion at last! It’s moments like Jeff winning the title that makes me want to keep watching the WWE. The match was incredible, the finish was incredible. The whole thing was just absolutely great. The setup and the build up and the close calls all of it. I actually stood up and loudly applauded and “wooed” when Jeff got the three count. I don’t think I have ever marked out more than I did on this night. I have only openly celebrated a title win once, maybe twice before, but this win was one I thought I would never see. It’s not just that Jeff won the title, but that he won it after such a close match. I had a similar reaction to the reaction J.R. had when Kozlov pushed Jeff off the turnbuckle. I thought it was great that WWE gave Jeff the respect he deserves and allowed his entire celebration to be shown. Though it was not depicted, I just knew that J.R. & Tazz were standing and applauding Jeff when they were not talking after the conclusion of the match. I debated on spending the $39.95 on this pay-per-view and I am glad I decided to order it. I watched the immediate replay that ended about 12AM and it is after 2AM now and I am still reeling because it was so worth it to see Jeff win the title. I say- good job Jeff! Jeff has to be one of the most deserving wrestlers to win a World Title in some time. Just running the thought of “Jeff Hardy, the WWE Champion” through my head is just surreal to me. I have never been so happy to be wrong in my predictions. I really mean it when I say words can not express how thrilled I am for Jeff and the Hardy family. One of the things that is so great about this win is that when you say that Jeff overcame the odds to win the title, most of that is not some storyline B.S., it’s the truth of what happened to the guy. This was a WrestleMania quality win in my book. I hope Jeff holds the gold for forever, and I mean forever.
Now to take it down a notch, I will try and calmly discuss the rest of the event.
CM Punk Vs. Rey Mysterio was the second best match of the night and was a well-done match really. I hope these two have more matches as I think it was great. I am still predicting Punk as the next Intercontinental Champion.
Orton Vs. Batista was a pretty decent match to it’s own right and this is a feud I hope will continue.
The Divas Tag Match was not a stellar match by any stretch of the imagination, but the commentary for it made it oh so worthwhile to watch. I love it when the announcers get the kind of freedom they get on these rare occasions. For some reason, I was kind of ticked off that McCool used the Styles Clash. I guess it’s because it’s a rip-off of a cool move by a monumentally better wrestler. It’s one of those moves (like Batista using the Blackhole Slam) where it does not matter what name they give it, it will always be the Styles Clash.
I thought the backstage bit with Santino, Goldust, & Boogeyman was really great. The interaction between Boogeyman and Goldust was really classic. It would be neat to see them as a tag team (or at least a comedy team).
The Cena/Jericho match was pretty good. The best spot I have seen in recent memory had to be that bulldog on the steel steps by Jericho. That was great and I have never seen anything like that maneuver. I think it would have really sold it had their been a blade job following that.
Also, I wanted to make an early prediction and say that Randy Orton will win the 2009 Royal Rumble and face Cena for the title at WrestleMania.
I will be posting another blog closer to the Royal Rumble, which means this will more than likely be my last blog of 2008.
Happy Holidays & Happy New Year to you all! Here’s to 2009!