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WWE Armageddon 2008 Results

The ninth edition of WWE Armageddon came to you, live on pay-per-view, from the HSBC Arena in Buffalo, NY.

Match Results

  • Non-Title: Vladimir Kozlov (SD) def. Matt Hardy (ECW) by pin following the kneeling chokeslam.
  • Finals of the Intercontinental Title Tournament: CM Punk def. Rey Mysterio by pin following the GTS to earn the right to challenge for the Intercontinental Title.
  • Belfast Brawl: Finlay (with Hornswoggle) def. Mark Henry (with Tony Atlas) by pin following the shillelagh shot.
  • Batista def. Randy Orton by pin following the Batista Bomb.
  • Santa’s Little Helpers 8-Diva Tag Match: Michelle McCool (SD), Maria (SD), Mickie James (RAW), & Kelly Kelly (RAW) def. Maryse (SD), Natalya (SD), Jillian (RAW), & Victoria (RAW) by Michelle McCool pinning Jillian with the Styles Clash.
  • World Heavyweight Championship: Survivor Series Rematch: John Cena (c) def. Chris Jericho by submission to the STF-U to retain.
  • WWE Championship: Triple Threat: Jeff Hardy def. Edge (c) & Triple H by pinning Edge (c) following the Swanton Bomb on both Edge (c) & Triple H to win the WWE Title.

Match Quality

  1. WWE Championship
  2. CM Punk Vs. Rey Mysterio
  3. Batista Vs. Randy Orton
  4. World Heavyweight Championship
  5. Belfast Brawl
  6. Matt Hardy Vs. Vladimir Kozlov
  7. Santa’s Little Helpers 8-Diva Tag Match


Vladimir Kozlov interfered in the WWE Title Match by costing Triple H the title following the Pedigree and pushed Jeff Hardy off of the top turnbuckle to cost him the title as well, but Matt Hardy came out and brawled with Kozlov to the back.

Mae Young made a special appearance following the Divas Tag Match and kissed The Great Khali on the "Christmas Kiss Cam".