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WWE: Tomko Already In Danger Of Being Released?

Recently signed WWE star Tyson Tomko is currently dealing with a torn pectoral muscle. There are some within WWE who believe he actually worked his dark match at RAW with the injury, trying to keep it quiet.

While Tomko got a good reaction from the crowd, and there was even a chant for his name, one person who wasn’t a fan of his work was said to be Vince McMahon. According to several sources, Vince was unhappy with his dark match which is leading a number of people within the company to believe that Tomko’s return may be a short one.

McMahon was unhappy with Tomko’s appearance, noting that he looked heavier, which would make sense considering he couldn’t really work out with a pectoral tear. He was seen wearing his arm in a sling the day after his RAW dark match. There are rumors that Tomko has already been released, but we can’t confirm those yet. However, more releases from the company are expected shortly as a way to cut spending.