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WWE: Trish Stratus Issues Her First Statement After Her Return On Raw

Trish Stratus updated her WWE Universe blog with her first public comments since making a surprise return to Monday’s Raw. “Ever since I retired I am constantly being asked ‘would I ever consider returning’ and I have always said: for the right moment, for the right scenario, for the right person calling me out … well, check, check, and check! Let’s see, the Champ needed a partner, in the T dot, he’s facing Glamerella – an unlikely duo that quite frankly I am a fan of – the bat signal couldn’t be any brighter – cue the giggle!

“It was great going back to the ACC, both backstage and on! It is an interesting thing when as a (former) WWE Superstar you return to the backstage scene. It does feel a little like it’s a microcosm that you insert yourself back into and it’s kinda all the same – like you never left.” To read the full blog, visit