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Official Press Release About Chyna From Mad Dad Promotions

Official press release from Jeff Bauer of Mad Dad Promotions:

As reported early Saturday morning Chyna was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Burbank, Ca.

Upon finishing the video shoot for Lovechild’s new single, Chyna and a couple of friends including myself, Jeff Bauer AD on the Lovechild shoot, had a few drinks to celebrate her birthday and the end of a great shoot.

Unfortunately, newly prescribed medication she is taking had a very adverse effect combined with the alcohol and Chyna blacked out and fell into her mirrored closet doors. She received minor cuts on her arms and legs. Admittedly, when she fell it was scary and things looked worse than it was to us.

She spent half the day Saturday at St. Joseph’s emergency and was released by the doctors without being admitted to the hospital.

Chyna is doing fine if not a little embarrassed about forgetting she was on this new medication. The family at Hybrid Culture Entertainment is with her.

Chyna is a delight on the set and we at Hybrid Culture welcome her anytime she is willing to be involved in one of our productions.

As for her wanting her hamburger and fries, TMZ contacted her on her cell phone while she was waiting for her friends to get back from MOE’S with her avocado, mushroom, bacon and cheese burger (swiss since someone out there is wondering). None of us had eaten since dinner the night before and that was the only thing on anyone’s mind.