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WWE RAW December 29, 2008 Results

The Final RAW of 2008 (#814) emanated, live, from the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester, NH.

Match Results

  • Win Or Leave "The Legacy": Cody Rhodes (with William Regal) def. CM Punk by Count-Out to remain a member of "The Legacy".
  • "Race To The Rumble" Divas Battle Royal: Melina def. Mickie James, Katie Lea, Jillian, Candice, & Kelly Kelly to earn the right to face Beth Phoenix for the Women’s Title at the Royal Rumble.
  • Win Or Leave "The Legacy": Sim Snuka def. "Super Haas" Charlie Snuka (Charlie Haas) by pin following the Crack ‘Em to remain a member of "The Legacy".
  • 10-Man Tag: John Cena (RAW), Rey Mysterio (RAW), Kofi Kingston (RAW), & Cryme Tyme (RAW) def. Mike Knox (RAW), Kane (RAW), Dolph Ziggler (RAW), The Miz (ECW), & John Morrison (ECW) by Rey Mysterio pinning Mike Knox following the bullet splash.
  • Win Or Leave "The Legacy": Non-Title: Matt Hardy (ECW) def. Manu (RAW) by pin following the Twist of Fate; As a result, Manu will no longer be a member of "The Legacy".
  • "Race To The Rumble" Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match: JBL def. Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton, & Chris Jericho (in reverse order) to "earn" the right to face John Cena for the World Heavyweight Title at the Royal Rumble.

Match Quality

  1. Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match
  2. Matt Hardy Vs. Manu
  3. 10-Man Tag
  4. CM Punk Vs. Cody Rhodes
  5. Sim Snuka Vs. "Super Haas" Charlie Snuka
  6. Divas Battle Royal


JBL eliminated Shawn Michaels last in the matchup. As Michaels’ boss, JBL told Michaels to lay down and let JBL pin him, but HBK could not bring himself to do it, so he begged JBL to hit him with the Clothesline From Hell and pin him that way. JBL did and he is now the #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Title.

On next week’s RAW, William Regal will defend the Intercontinental Title against #1 Contender CM Punk.