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WWE: Officials Already Disappointed In New SmackDown Superstar

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that despite only taping one television match thus far, a few key WWE officials have already begun to doubt the future of Kizarny. Johnny "Ace" Laurinaitis, WWE’s head of talent relations, is said to the primary supporter of Kizarny, and his decision to push him on Smackdown is now apparently drawing him some heat within the company. Kizarny will make his official TV debut this Friday night on Smackdown, however he has been wrestling in house show matches against MVP for quite some time now. Although Kizarny picked up the wins in these matches to further MVP’s losing streak, it’s being said that the matches were controlled and carried by Porter. This is the second time in a short period that there have been doubts about a new talent, as WWE pulled the plug on Hade Vansen after airing just one TV vignette.