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Former WWE Superstar Stevie Richards Suffers A Collapsed Lung

Recently Stevie Richards suffered a collapsed lung, that resulted when doctors were trying to diagnose a lung infection causing him to have a chest tube inserted for several days. He was back in the gym after two days and is scheduled to appear for NWA No Limits on 1-9-09.

Here’s an article that was posted when he was unable to appear on a recent Maryland Championship Wrestling show.

Stevie Richards health update

Stevie Richards did not appear at last night’s 12-27-08 Maryland Championship Wrestling show because he suffered a collapsed lung early last week, Richards said in an interview with MCW’s Shawn Credle.

Richards, who was scheduled to wrestle The Bruiser at The New Green Room in Dundalk, said he had been suffering from a severe lung infection for months, but doctors were unable to diagnose the specific strain of the infection. Richards underwent a lung biopsy Monday, and his lung collapsed during the procedure.

Richards, who was hooked up to a chest tube “for a day or two,” said he is feeling better, but his doctors recommended that he not wrestle last night.

Balls Mahoney was brought in to replace Richards against The Bruiser.

I’ll have some notes on last night’s MCW show after I get back from watching the Ravens defeat the Jacksonville Jaguars to clinch a playoff berth.

Posted by Kevin Eck on December 28, 2008 1:31 PM