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WWE: Update On Christian’s Return

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Christian Cage was finally pulled off the TNA website’s roster page yesterday. There had been no communication between Christian and the company since he stopped appearing on TV and had been written out of the storylines after an attack by the Main Event Mafia.

If Cage had opted to remain, he would have been the lead talker and top face for the TNA Frontline group. However, the consensus within the company was that he had made his decision to move on several months ago.

Sources claim Christian had become less interested and enthused with the product and harder to deal with dating back to early October. In a meeting with Dixie Carter and Jeff Jarrett, Cage apparently told them he had another offer and was leaning towards taking it, but hadn’t yet made up his mind.

Right now everyone is under the impression that Cage quietly signed with WWE and will debut on SmackDown shortly. His TNA deal officially expired last week.