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WWE: Full Detailed List of Recently Released Talent

Here is a detailed list of the released superstars & officials that WWE has let go in the last few days as a result of budget cuts by the company:

Mike Posey- WWE Referee
Worked as a WWE Referee, starting on ECW, but going on to work on all three brands.
Kevin Keenan- FCW Referee
 Real Name- Keenan Quinn. Worked as the referee for Florida Championship Wrestling, WWE’s developmental territory.

D-Lo Brown- RAW Superstar

Real Name- Accie Conner. Competed in the WWE from 1997 until 2003, when he was released. He competed in New Japan Pro-Wrestling and TNA from 2005- 2007. He would return to the WWE in 2008 for a short stint that included only a few television matches. He is a one-time Intercontinental Champion and a four-time European Champion in the WWE.

Val Venis- RAW Superstar

Real Name- Sean Morley. One of the WWE’s longest employed superstars, competed in the WWE from 1998 to 2008, when he suffered an elbow injury that he never returned from. He was also known under his real name- Sean Morley in the WWE and also as Chief Morley & The Big Valbowski. He is a two-time Intercontinental Champion, a one-time European Champion, and a one-time World Tag Team Champion.

Bam Neely- ECW Superstar

Real Name- Justin LaRouche. Debuted on the main roster as Chavo Guerrero’s bodyguard on the April 8, 2008 edition of ECW on Sci-Fi. He was sent back to developmental one day prior to being released from his contract.

Jim Korderas- WWE Referee

A WWE employee since 1987. Over recent years, had worked as a SmackDown Referee, but then when referees were debranded, he started working on all three brands, as well.

Tim White- WWE Producer

Worked with the WWE since the 1980’s as a WWE Referee, and served as the assistant to the late Andre The Giant. He refereed until Judgment Day 2002, when he injured his shoulder during a Hell in a Cell Match between Triple H & Chris Jericho. He returned as a referee at WrestleMania XX, but reinjured his shoulder and he never refereed again. He then became a producer for the WWE.

Kevin Thorn- ECW Superstar

Real Name- Kevin Fertig. After spending two years in WWE’s former developmental territory, Ohio Valley Wrestling, Fertig was called up to the SmackDown Roster under the name Mordecai. The character only lasted a few months and he was sent back to OVW until July, when he was released from his contract. Fertig would return in 2006 under the name Kevin Thorn, competing on the new ECW brand. He would be accompanied by Ariel (Shelly Martinez) until her release. As Kevin Thorn, he competed at WrestleMania 23 in an 8-Man Tag Match. In late 2007/early 2008, Thorn was sent back to OVW and when OVW was dropped by WWE, he was sent to FCW where he stayed until his release.

Mike Kruel- FCW Superstar

Real Name- Mike Mayo. Wrestled in Florida Championship Wrestling, WWE’s developmental territory.

Gavin Spears- ECW Superstar

Real Name- Ronnie Arniell. Competed in a few television matches as a member of the ECW Roster, then sent back to FCW until his release.