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WWE: Could Hogan Vs. Austin Finally Happen This Year?

A couple of days ago Jim Ross was a special guest on the Bubba The Love Sponge radio show in Florida and talked about WrestleMania XXV. The host, who is a big friend of Hulk Hogan, said that a Steve Austin vs Hulk Hogan match should be done with Ross saying that it probably will never happen. Noting that neither man would job for the other, Ross said that maybe a double disqualification would be the best finish with another tag team like The Miz and John Morrison interfering, giving them the rub while sharing the spotlight with the two legends. Moments later, Hulk Hogan called into the show and said he didn’t agree with Ross’ finish of the match, saying a match of that importance should have a definite winner. The former WWE and WCW champion then said that he would have no problem putting over Steve Austin if the match ever takes place. It should be noted that every year, a few months before WrestleMania is scheduled to take place, Hogan starts sending signals that he’d like to appear knowing a big paycheck would be coming his way!