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WWE: Update on Evan Bourne

Bill Behrens had a chance to speak with Evan Bourne recently.  He is currently continuing physical therapy, and briefly had to wear a cast on his ankle because swelling was not going down, but the cast is now off, and he’s back wearing the big boot in between therapy and icing down his ankle.

Bourne is also on a diet and work-out program prepared for him by his friend Dan Velton (who wrestles as Ryan Ash, and is a bodybuilder).  Bourne plans to return to a WWE ring in the best shape of his life. 

Velton also prepared the diet & workout program that ROH star, Roderick Strong, one of Bourne’s roommates, has been using as of late to lose weight and shape up, and the results have been great as anyone who has seen Strong recently can attest.