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ECW January 20, 2009 Results

The 137th edition of ECW on Sci-Fi came to you from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, IL.

Match Results

  • Ricky Ortiz def. Adam Evans (jobber) by pin following the Big O.
  • The Boogeyman def. Paul Burchill by DQ after Katie Lea Burchill interfered.
  • Fatal 4-Way Royal Rumble Preview Match: John Morrison def. The Miz, Finlay (with Hornswoggle), & Mark Henry (with Tony Atlas) by pinning The Miz following the Celtic Cross by Finlay.

Match Quality

  1. Fatal 4-Way Royal Rumble Preview Match
  2. The Boogeyman Vs. Paul Burchill
  3. Ricky Ortiz Vs. Adam Evans


Finlay, Mark Henry, The Miz, & John Morrison are the four ECW Superstars in the Royal Rumble Match.