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WWE: Austin Vs. Hogan Unlikely To Happen After All

As we reported before, Hulk Hogan called into the Bubba The Love Sponge Show the other day and commented on a possible match with Steve Austin at Wrestlemania 25. While he did not indicate whether or not the match would take place, he did say that he would have no problem putting Steve Austin over at the big event. However, just a few days later, Jim Ross posted a blog on his website indicating that Austin would never wrestle again, and now is reporting that sources close to Hogan are saying that the match has almost no chance of taking place at Mania, although that does not rule out a potential Hogan appearance at the show. The source was quoted as saying "Steve is in no shape to work with anybody, it’s impossible for him to bump and have a match." In addition to Austin’s injuries, it’s no mystery that Hogan is also battling years of wear and tear on his body, and therefore the work rate of a match between the two superstars would most likely have to be severely limited.