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SSP #1: WWE Royal Rumble 2009 Predictions

Hello everyone and welcome to the very first edition of The Shooting Star Press. I’m Edgedogg and for my first post I will be treating you to my predictions and opinions of the upcoming Royal Rumble PPV. Let”s do this by putting my predictions and reasons; in the order I think they are going to play out on the card., starting with the ECW Title.
ECW Championship
Jack Swagger (Champion) vs. Matt Hardy
To be honest with you, initially I was very surprised that Jack Swagger won the title, I know everyone was talking about him, but I think he”s far too young to hold a title of that stature. Even though I think the ECW title has about as much credibility as the IC title does, I still don”t see the point in him having it, plus he just has one of those faces that you want to smack. If they want to give the title to a heel, then they should give it to one that”s been there longer or at least bump up the roster. I suppose its going to be better than watching Mark Henry Vs Matt Hardy for the 45th time. I”d say the match is going to be a good opener with Matt coming through the curtain first. Winner: Matt Hardy
World Heavyweight Championship
John Cena (Champion) vs. JBL
Ok I know what you”re thinking – World Heavyweight Championship match second on the card; why? My reasoning is this. The Rumble match should always be last on the card; the name of the event is the Royal Rumble after all. The Women”s match, in my opinion, will be used as a break between the two championship matches. Now the reasoning behind choosing this match to go before the WWE Championship is because I think the fans will be looking forward to the Hardy/Edge match the most and I think there”s a surprise involved which I will explain later.
With all that said, I can”t see JBL winning this match at all, if he does then I would bet money on Cena to win it back at No Way Out because of Shawn. I can”t see it happening now because I think it”s too early for HBK to turn on JBL. Cena will win this somehow. I think HBK will accidentally cost JBL the match only for JBL to cost Shawn the Rumble, that second part is only a wild guess, it is a possibility though. I am going to go with HBK accidentally costing JBL the match and then JBL making Shawn”s life hell for the upcoming weeks until he can”t take it anymore or a third party becomes involved. Winner: John Cena
WWE Women”s Championship
Beth Phoenix (Champion) vs. Melina
I”m predicting this match to be the break needed between the two title matches. It should cool the crowd down a little and get them ready for the WWE Title match.
The match itself might as well be booked as a three on one bout. Everyone”s banging on about Cena having to go two on one with Jibble and HBK, but Melina has Beth, Rosa and Santino to deal with. I wouldn”t want Beth to drop the title because there”s no one else around that deserves at present. In my opinion Melina needs to get more people taking about her before she”s given the belt. This match should be a decent bout, with both women well able to put on a good match. I”m guessing the result will involve Santino telling Rosa to do something that will help Beth take the win. This may lead into either a feud with Beth and Rosa or a split between Santino and Beth; it could even result in both. Winner: Beth Phoenix
WWE Championship
Jeff Hardy (Champion) vs. Edge
I am really looking forward to this one for several reasons. First off, I think it”s going to be a great match, both are great talents who should get more time out there than Cena and JBL and the second is the outcome of these “accidents” that keep happening to Jeff.
I hope all is revealed at the Rumble, but I wouldn”t put it past the WWE to make us wait a little bit longer. Either way I can see Jeff losing the title to Edge, either by another accident or a run in with the person causing them. I can see Matt”s involvement in these storylines increasing, especially if he doesn”t reclaim his title from Swagger. I have even heard the rumor that perhaps Matt is the culprit of these attacks, which wouldn”t be a bad way to swerve it but if it”s not Christian at this stage I am going to really be pissed off. I can”t wait to see him back and putting him in the main event picture will prove to all the Christian haters that he deserves to be there. In conclusion, I am going with Edge”s 7th World Title win due to Christian”s interference, with Jeff winning it back at Wrestlemania. Winner: Edge
Royal Rumble Match
This years Royal Rumble is looking like it could be one of the better ones. The Royal Rumble has always been one of my favorite match types as well as one of my favorite PPV”s, mainly because of the surprise element that it gives. It”s a chance for history to be made and records to be broken; a star could even be made.
Who could of seen Rey Mysterio winning the Rumble when he did? I didn”t! Who honestly thought Cena was going to be out long after Wrestlemania, let alone the Rumble? I believed it, and by the reactions I heard from others, so did they. Your going to hear a lot of people especially this year, saying: “Oh, Orton”s going to win it this year!” What makes me laugh is that the same people were saying that when Mysterio won it and the year after that was the same. For those who think they can pick the winner of the Rumble the whole time and never get surprised by it, are kidding themselves, I wonder why they even bother watching it if they know how its going to play out.
There are a few superstars that could win it this year and I am going to go through each of them, even the ones that have a long shot of a chance of winning.
Randy Orton:
The guy is one of the best things going in wrestling today, why shouldn”t he win it? If there was ever going to be a year where he should win it then it”s this year. With the aftermath of Mondays Raw it would make sense for him to win it because him winning the Rumble would be one of the only ways storyline wise that will stop him getting fired. On the other hand, he”s got plenty of years left to win the Rumble and has the McMahon/Legacy thing going on, so would the WWE be better off giving it to someone else?
Chris Jericho:
Jericho is a legend and was by far the best thing Raw had last year, what better way to reward him for his efforts than by giving him a Rumble win and putting him in the main event at Wrestlemania. I will admit that I am a huge Jericho fan and may sound bias in everything I say or ever will say about the man, but he is a big name and deserves to have it under his belt. At the moment he”s not in a storyline with anyone and this would be perfect for him to run with. As well as that unlike Orton, I can”t see Jericho being around in five years time, if he is I will be a very happy man, but now is the time to give Jericho the Rumble win.
Triple H:
Why? Because he”s Triple H. He”s probably going to be in the main event at Wrestlemania anyway so why not have him win the Rumble and get his ticket straight to WestleMania? I”ll tell you why, because it boring and we want someone new to shine and win. Trips will always be in the main event in some shape or form and we all know that. The only logical reason I can see for him winning the Rumble is because he has the number 1. If he wins with that number they can say he only him and Shawn (DX) have ever won it from number one. We all know that”s not true but I wouldn”t but it past the WWE.
Just to add another note, Trips with the Number one means he could very easily beat Rey Mysterio”s record rumble time for staying in the ring. That better not happen!!!
Jeff Hardy:
With 9 numbers still left for the rumble, anybody could come through the curtain. It”s not uncommon for superstars that have had a match to go on and compete in the rumble. If Jeff loses the title earlier in the night then it”s quite possible for the WWE to swerve it and have Hardy win the Rumble, although this is a long shot, as Jeff should have his re-match clause anyway its still possible.
Mr Kennedy:
They are saying that he”s not ready to return from injury. That may be true, or he may be pulling a John Cena. The Question is; is he over enough to win the Rumble or will he be the first person to win two Money in the Banks?
MVP is fresh off his losing streak. What better way to turn that corner than by winning the Royal Rumble. This is an outside chance however as I think the Money in the Bank match-up may be the future for MVP.
The Big Show:
Show”s not really in a storyline at present and similar to Jericho in the sense that he may not be around as long as others. It is also one of those things that Show has yet to add to his achievements and not a lot of people would see this one coming.
Shawn Michaels:
Although JBL told him not to go into the Rumble, one of two things could happen. JBL changes his mind after winning the title and gets Shawn to enter, giving him an opponent that he can pay to lay down. This would then generate into Shawn turning on JBL, but of course, at this point, the match is already made. Looking at it from another angle, if Shawn turns on JBL during the title match, he could still go into the Rumble, which would result in Jibble costing him the match.
JBL loses the match to Cena and buys his way into the Royal Rumble Million Dollar Man style. Again”all possible.
CM Punk:
Punk is starting to get on a role again and winning the Rumble would put him back in the main event picture where he belongs. He”s over and has a great work rate, Punk winning would be classic.
Rey Mysterio / Undertaker / Kane:
I have also left out three names that you could see in the main event, Rey Mysterio, Kane and The Undertaker. All are possible so I”m going to explain why I think they won”t win it.
Rey has already won the Rumble and holds the time record for it, I don”t think he”s ever going to better that as far as the Rumble goes. I can see Rey in Money in the Bank this year but not in a World Title Match.
People are getting a little annoyed with The Undertaker in Championship matches at Wrestlemania and I think the WWE relies that. Taker winning the Rumble would put him in that position again where chances are he will win. I do think however that the Rumble will show us who Taker will be fighting at Wrestlemania”..Umaga anyone?
Kane holds the record for eliminating the most people in a single Rumble, and isn”t far off from beating Austin”s total record. Kane will always hold one, if not the two of those records by the end of career and that is as far as Kane in the Rumble will go.
There are a lot of others that if they won would go over huge as heels, Kozlov and Umaga for example. But to be honest I can”t see any of them in the main event at Wrestlemania.
In conclusion my prediction for the winner is…
Winner: Chris Jericho 🙂