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TNA: Booker T And Jeff Jarrett Involved In A Recent Backstage Argument is reporting that Jeff Jarrett and Booker T got into some sort of a backstage argument over the direction of a storyline at a recent Impact taping. Apparently Booker wanted to make changes to an angle as he was unhappy with the way it was scheduled to play out, however Jarrett wanted the angle to remain the way it was written by creative. In the end, Jarrett reportedly "threw his arms up in the air" and gave up the fight, allowing Booker to implement the changes he wanted. According to the report, this is a further example of Jarrett being somewhat of a pushover when it comes to dealing with big names talents.

The report also added that Booker T has apparently been acting like a bit of a backstage Diva when it comes to his role in TNA, as he perceives himself to be a big star and wants to be treated accordingly. Although Booker publicly respects Jarrett, it’s being reported that backstage he has little to no confidence in the direction and stability of the TNA creative team.