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WWE Royal Rumble 2009 Results

The 22nd Annual WWE Royal Rumble came to you, live on pay-per-view, from the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, MI.

Match Results

  • ECW Championship: Jack Swagger (c) def. Matt Hardy by pin following the Swagger Bomb to retain.
  • Women’s Championship: Melina def. Beth Phoenix (c) by roll-up to win her third Women’s Title.
  • World Heavyweight Championship: John Cena (c) def. JBL (with Shawn Michaels) by pin following the F-U to retain.
  • WWE Championship: No DQ: Edge (with Vickie Guerrero & Chavo Guerrero) def. Jeff Hardy (c) by pin following a chair shot by Matt Hardy to win his fourth WWE Title.
  • 2009 Royal Rumble Match Winner: Randy Orton (last eliminating Triple H)

Match Quality

  1. WWE Championship
  2. Royal Rumble Match
  3. World Heavyweight Championship
  4. Women’s Championship
  5. ECW Championship

Royal Rumble Order of Entry


1.  Rey Mysterio
2.  John Morrison
3.  Carlito
4.  MVP
5.  The Great Khali
6.  Vladimir Kozlov
7.  Triple H
8.  Randy Orton (Winner)
9.  JTG
10.  Ted DiBiase
11.  Chris Jericho
12.  Mike Knox
13.  The Miz
14.  Finlay (with Hornswoggle)
15.  Cody Rhodes
16.  The Undertaker
17.  Goldust
18.  CM Punk
19.  Mark Henry
20.  Shelton Benjamin
21.  William Regal
22.  Kofi Kingston
23.  Kane
24.  R-Truth
25.  Rob Van Dam
26.  The Brian Kendrick
27.  Dolph Ziggler
28.  Santino Marella
29.  "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan
30.  Big Show

Royal Rumble Eliminations

-Vladimir Kozlov elim. The Great Khali
-Vladimir Kozlov (2) elim. MVP
-Vladimir Kozlov (3) elim. Carlito
-Triple H elim. Vladimir Kozlov
-Triple H (2) elim. John Morrison
-Triple H (3) elim. The Miz
-The Undertaker elim. JTG
-Cody Rhodes elim. Goldust
-Rey Mysterio elim. Mark Henry
-The Undertaker (2) elim. Shelton Benjamin
-CM Punk elim. William Regal
-The Brian Kendrick elim. Kofi Kingston
-Triple H (4) elim. The Brian Kendrick
-Kane elim. Dolph Ziggler
-Kane (2) elim. Santino Marella
-Big Show elim. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan
-Big Show (2) elim. R-Truth
-Big Show (3) elim. CM Punk
-Big Show (4) elim. Rey Mysterio & Mike Knox
-Kane (3) elim. Finlay
-Chris Jericho elim. Rob Van Dam
-The Undertaker (3) elim. Chris Jericho
-The Legacy (Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, & Ted DiBiase) elim. Kane
-Randy Orton (2) elim. Big Show
-Big Show (5) elim. The Undertaker
-Triple H (5) elim. Ted DiBiase
-Triple H (6) elim. Cody Rhodes
-Randy Orton (3) elim. Triple H


(the numbers in parentheses represents the number of superstars that entrant has eliminated)



A promo for No Way Out revealed that there will again be two Elimination Chamber Matches on the show. This time, the WWE Title will be defended in one and the World Heavyweight Title will be defended in the other.

For this year’s Royal Rumble Match, Triple H got the most eliminations with six. Also, Santino Marella set the new record for quickest elimination by getting eliminated in under two seconds, which is the record set by The Warlord.