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WWE: Current Wrestlemania 25 Creative Plans

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that there are several matches tentatively scheduled for Wrestlemania 25 right now, although plans could change at any time. At this point, it looks likely we will be seeing either an HBK vs Undertaker or HBK vs JBL match. Also, Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy seems to be in the works for the big event. Edge vs Triple H for the WWE title is most likely to make the card, which leaves the World Heavyweight Championship match the most unpredictable at this point. Most would think Randy Orton vs John Cena is a lock, however that leaves out Chris Jericho and at this point plans seem to have fallen through to have him wrestle Mickey Rourke. As far as the ECW title is concerned, it seems as if the company is heading toward a Jack Swagger vs Tommy Dreamer match at Wrestlemania, but considering the way creative has consistently snubbed Dreamer, I doubt the feud will make it that far.