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WWE: Is Tommy Dreamer’s ECW Angle Legitimate ?

Tommy Dreamer remains as the only ECW "Original"  still in ECW.  Everybody else was released.  ECW has become the place where WWE starts talent out of development, Teddy Long’s Superstar Initiative.  That was the plan sorta from the start as the original ECW was a place where new stars were made and where others went to rehab their career.

In the original ECW Tommy Dreamer became ECW Champion only once and only for a few minutes.

In the current ECW Tommy Dreamer rarely, if ever, wins, yet the fans remain behind him.  Jokingly, Dreamer used to blame former ECW referee Mike Posey for his loses as Mike was the ref for most of his matches. 

On the most recent ECW program Dreamer lost to Paul Burchill, and was then attacked by Miz & Morrison, after being run down as old & fat, and having his family insulted to boot.

Dreamer’s story is tied to all the loses, the beatdowns, and his real frustrations.

His angle that he will quit if he does not win the ECW title is more real than angle.  His WWE deal is up soon.  Whether he renews with WWE or not will likely be played out on ECW, and will be one of two senerios, known to both parties.

Stay tuned………