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WWE: Who Came Up With The Name ‘Attitude Adjustment’ For Cena’s Finisher?

John Cena explained why the name of his finishing move was changed during an interview with "It was totally my call," he said. "It’s actually Attitude Adjustment. I realize that our audience has changed now and when I look out past the ring now I see so many children. Originally the FU was a pun in response to Brock Lesnar‘s move, he used to wrestle in the WWE.

"I never really called it that. It’s something I said once and the announcers picked it up. I know that kids are watching my every move and there are a lot of parents know their kids look up to me and I know a lot of people watch our program with closed eyes and I kind of live by the motto — ‘Hustle Loyalty Respect.’ If someone is out of line, I think instead of giving them an FU, it’s better to give them an attitude adjustment."

Cena was also asked which wrestlers will be stars five or six years from now. "Randy Orton," Cena said. "Even more so than now. Cody Rhodes. Ted DiBiase and Harry Smith.