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WWE: Chris Jericho Involved In A Fight With A Crazed Fan

The following is a live account from a WZ reader who witnessed Chris Jericho and a fan getting into an altercation during a recent Jericho appearance. Following the testamonial is a video of the incident.  

"I was a witness to a fight between a crazed fan and Chris Jericho after the show on Feb. 7th 2009 in Victoria BC. Chris Jericho was in his white SUV and leaving the arena when a crazed fan started chasing after his car and pounded on the window. Jericho was stuck in traffic and the car came to a stop, and then the fan pulled on the door and it opened! Jericho stopped his car and came out to pose for pics, when suddenly the same fan lunged for him and Chris Jericho threw a punch in self defense! A woman was pushed into Jericho as well and security was pretty lax, but finally they pulled the fan away and Chris was able to get into his SUV and drive safely away. The police arrived shortly after and hopefully arrested the fan for asult. Chris Jericho had taunted the fans in the show saying that he would take on anyone, but this fan took him seriously. Glad that Jericho got away unharmed!!! It was very intense!!!"