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WWE: TMZ Reports On Chris Jericho’s Altercation

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It wasn’t scripted — WWE superstar Chris Jericho was involved in a crazy, expletive-filled mini-brawl with fans yesterday … and one of the people involved was a woman.

It all went down after a WWE event at the Save-On Food Memorial Centre in Victoria, BC — an angry crowd began heckling Chris Jericho as he was getting into his car. But when Jericho stared down a female fan, that’s when things got violent…

In the video, it appears she spit on the wrestler — Jericho flipped out and the woman was knocked to the ground. At that point, one of the dudes in the crowd rushes in to attack Chris.

Jericho managed to shove that guy away — and others who got close. During the melee, Chris can be heard screaming at security to "do your f***ing job." Finally, security tackled one of the men to the ground and Chris was able to get in his ride and take off.

Cops in Victoria — who are currently investigating the incident — called it a "minor event."