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WWE: Conflicting Reports Of Jericho Altercation Emerging

Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer made the following report soon after the Chris Jericho/fan altercation happened on 8/2/2009:

This afternoon after the WWE house show in Victoria, my girlfriend and I went to see the wrestlers leave the arena (this was my girlfriend’s first WWE event and she wanted to see them leave). The following is exactly what happened right in front of me and about another 50 wrestling fans who happened to be there are well:

Chris Jericho exited the building, and walked over to his white rental vehicle. The crowd watching him leave was heckling him, but he was ignoring it. He gets in his vehicle and drives out of the arena parking lot, right past the crowd of us. As Jericho stops at a stop sign, a fan runs into the street and starts banging on his rental vehicle. At this point about 50 people rush into the middle of the intersection, blocking traffic in several directions, with no police and very inadequate and incompetent security (no WWE security guards period). My girlfriend and I were literally in the very front of the crowd, and this all went down literally five feet away from us.

Chris Jericho opens the door to his vehicle in the middle of the road, and the fan shuts the door back on him. Jericho then gets out of the vehicle completely, and punches the fan in the face! This prompts another fan to jump in (he was friends with the first) and attack Jericho, and Jericho scuffles with the second guy. At this point, a woman who knows the second guy who attacked Jericho starts to jump in and get in Jericho’s face (because he was fighting her friend).

This is where the Save on Foods Rent-A-Security Guards stopped standing around watching this happen (I swear they thought they were watching a wrestling angle or something), and stepped in to separate Jericho and the woman, who was shoving him. Looking at Jericho’s face he was obviously ready to explode and was restraining himself…but then the shitstorm happened…

He spit in the girl’s face, and called her a "****ing bitch". The woman then spit in Jericho’s face. Jericho then started cursing out the woman some more, and was getting ready to go back into his vehicle (as all of this is still happening in the middle of the road). While he was turning to go into his vehicle, one of the guys he was fighting shoved Jericho against his car. Another guy then shoved Jericho, and that time he bumped his head on the top of his vehicle. This was where Jericho seriously snapped.

After bumping his head, Jericho went into a shitstorm, throwing and swinging at everybody around him. He knocked one guy to the ground, told another fan that he was going to "****ing kill you". The woman who got spit on was still yelling at Jericho, so he piefaced her away from him (because the arena security couldn’t keep them separated). As soon as he put his hands on the woman, ANOTHER fan jumps in and starts swinging at Jericho. Jericho grabs the guy and starts throwing him to the ground, and at this point I have to yank my girlfriend out of the way and into some other people because Jericho had literally thrown himself and the other guy into our direction and we would of been knocked down by the scuffle.

The arena security try again at this point to regain order, and two of them grab Jericho and start yelling at him to calm down, to which Jericho responds by taking a swing at one of the security guards and yelling at them to "do your ****ing job and get the ****ing police here". Then he shoves the second guard to the ground and tells him to "stay the **** off me".

Well, as that happens, the chick lunges at Jericho AGAIN, and this time Jericho actually punches the woman in the face, and shoves her to the ground. This stunned everyone, and the girl’s friends ended up jumping in trying to fight Jericho, to which he fought all of them off, then storms into his vehicle swearing and speeds off, running through a stop sign in the process.

This whole thing happened over the span of about 5 minutes (of the street being blocked by this ordeal), and the woman ended up calling the cops on Jericho. They arrived 5 minutes after Jericho left, complete with a Paddy Wagon. The WWE’s head of security did not see the incident, so he was there trying to figure out what happened along with the cops at the same time while yapping on his cell phone, and the woman is pressing charges against Jericho. As crazy and unbelievable this sounds, it can all be backed up with whatever police report was filed on the scene this afternoon.

I hope this made sense, as a lot of stuff happened. If you have any questions or need clarification, just ask. This was taped by several people with cell phone cameras, but there were only 50 people down there so I hope the video makes it way to the internet. Regardless, this went down as one of the craziest things I have ever seen in my life (even if it didn’t involve Chris Jericho), and Jericho could be in some serious legal trouble over this one; although he was provoked, he seriously snapped and crossed the line.

This conflicts with a report made by which reported an eye witness saying that Chris Jericho was attacked after getting out of his car to sign autographs and have pictures taken. It seems though that those events may infact be false as another eye witness has contacted Jason Powell of prowrestling.NET to back up the Dave Meltzer series of events which is seemingly the more reliable report of what happened.