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SSP #3: WWE Money in the Bank – WrestleMania 25

Hi and welcome to the latest edition of The Shooting Star Press.

Shooting Star Press

In this edition I will be talking about the popular Money in the Bank that has taken place at WrestleMania over the last four years. The winner of this match traditionally earns a shot at any Championship over the course of the next year.  History shows us that three of the four winners have gone on to cash in their money in banks and win one of the major Championships. Rumour has is that the other winner (Mr.Kennedy) was meant to cash in and win the World Title during Undertaker”s injury; he then became injured himself and lost his money in the bank opportunity to Edge. Edge later cashed in instead of Kennedy and won the World Championship, so you can argue that all four Money in the Bank opportunities have been cashed in and won.

With the popularity of this concept, the WWE have made it an annual match and have even added more competitors over the last 2 years, stretching it from 6 to 8. This year will be the fifth and it has to make you wonder at this stage; who is going to be next, and more to the point, will the winner win the big one?

In this edition of the SSP I will go over my picks for this years match and also throw some ideas out there that the WWE may go with; starting with the possibility that the winner of this years match won”t win the big one.
Let”s try look at Money in the Bank in another light for a moment, what if the winner of this years match wasn”t the next star to win a title, but more so a would-be star, someone who could be big in a few years time. What if the WWE gave the chance to Cody Rhodes for example but had no intension of giving him the title within the next year. They could simply but him in a championship match to see how he handles the pressure of being in the main event. Then they would know themselves if he is able for it or not. I say this only because it makes you wonder if its time for the concept to change.

Personally I hope it doesn”t but at the same time we are still seeing a possible star in the making”. he” just not going to get the title within the next year”that would be the only difference.
With that said, I am going to begin going over my 8 picks for this year and continue to name the other candidates that may be put in the match instead.

Evan Bourne
This guy is a highflying marvel, and if anyone is going to be doing crazy stuff off ladders, it”s this guy. It also makes you wonder if Bourne could be the first winner of the match to cash in on the ECW title and win it”..or even not win a title from the win at all.

Rey Mysterio
I can”t see Rey doing much going into WrestleMania at the moment and think that as a former champion, this could be his chance to get back on top of the mountain. It will also keep Rey in the title picture for another year, which he more than deserves.

Shelton Benjamin
I can”t see Jeff Hardy being in the Money in the Bank or the US title being defended this year which means the job of “the person who”s more than likely to kill themselves” is more than likely going to fall to good old Benji. If they ever wanted to push Benjamin to the big time, this match is how to do it.

CM Punk
Although I would love to see the IC title defended at WrestleMania, I don”t believe the WWE will, which means Punk should enter the match and could be the first person in history to win back to back Money in the Banks. He”s probably going to be the most popular in this match, and a win here again could see Punk back in the main event over the next year with a possible heel turn to look out for.

“Ballin!””””.. Before the losing streak I would of put my money on MVP winning this match this year, but with the face turn and the way they have gone about the storyline, I”m not too sure. Unless he wins the US title before WrestleMania and that”s defended at WrestleMania, which I doubt; this is the only place I can see MVP fitting.

Imagine the carnage and mayhem this guy will cause in this match, especially with all the cruiserweights flying around. I think Umaga will break people in half in this year”s money in the bank.

Although it would only take a few weeks to put him in a decent storyline, like a lot of superstars this year, I can”t see Kane fitting anywhere else. Kane has caused damage in this match before and clashing with Umaga and the cruiserweights is bound to cause a lot more.

Kofi Kingston
Surprisingly the WWE seem to like Kofi and I”m glad. The guy is great, he”s like the Ronaldinho of the wrestling world, he”s always smiling. In my opinion, this years Elimination Chamber is going to show us what Kofi”s made of, and a good performance will place him in this years Money in the Bank.

So those are my picks””.I have a feeling that I might be wrong with some because the lead up to WrestleMania can be very unpredictable at times. The US title and the IC title may very well be defended at WrestleMania, which means one or two of my picks, if not more, would be involved in that. There is also a lot of other storylines that may arise like a brand vs brand, which also might include the above I”ve mentioned.

Just in case that I am wrong, which is more than likely if my Royal Rumble predictions are anything to go by, then here are the others than you may see in this match for obvious reasons.

Might be put in, I”m not sure, for that he”d have to win a qualifying match and I can”t see Chavo beating anyone at this stage.

If he”s back from injury he could be very easily thrown in, but he hasn”t been around for the last year when others have. I think he”s going to have to prove himself some more before the push comes.

Mike Knox
Pushed out of nowhere if you ask me. He might be thrown in to add damage, but why add someone like Knox when you can put in the likes of Kane and Umaga who are much more over.

John Morrison
Although made for this match, Morrison and Miz have come along way together this year and I can”t see both of them in the match. I would love to see a joining of the tag titles in a decent match against the Colons on the card but I will save my bitching about the tag team situation for another blog.

Same as the Morrison situation, made for the match but him without Primo would be harsh on the little brother and a program else where would be better suiting.

In and out of the main event over the last year. He”s a good wrestler but to be honest he annoys me when he”s on my TV so I”m not putting him in.

William Regal
Could be in the main event picture now if he hadn”t of messed up during the year. He could be in the match to add a roughneck to the mix but I can”t see him winning it.

Rob Van Dan
No”.I”m only joking””one can dream though right?

I won”t mention the Hardy”s because I think they are going to be in a match of their own. In the same regard I won”t mention Legacy members as I believe they have their place with Orton for this year.

So that”s it for this week. No Way Out is around the corner so Next Week I will be predicting the card. I will finish up this week”s edition with my winning pick for this years Money in the Bank.

Oh”. this is tough”I”m torn between a few and have lost faith in MVP”I think I”m going to go with Punk winning the Back-to-Back MITB”s.

Until next time”. this has been another edition of the Shooting Star Press.