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SSP: WWE No Way Out 2009 Predictions

Hello Peeps and welcome to another edition of the Shooting Star Press. This week I am going to discuss this Sundays PPV No Way Out. I”ll break it down by match and put them in the order I believe they will appear on the card.

wwe no way out 2009

First of all I would just like to point out how annoyed I am that neither IC or US Titles are being defended on the PPV card yet again, but with that said lets begin the predictions.
ECW Championship
Jack Swagger (Champion) Vs Finlay
I am not a big ECW viewer and to be honest I only catch up on the odd online videos; but this week is a little different with the introduction of Christian (one of my favourite entertainers) and god was I pissed when he debuted out to a bog standard Jack Swagger promo…I mean…WTF?
Anyways…that”s enough of a rant, lets focus on the match in question. I can see Swagger coming out with the win only to lose the title to Christian. I don”t see the point in Swagger having the thing in the first place, I would like to see Finlay take the win and feud with Christian but I reckon it will go Swaggers way leading into a possible Triple Threat encounter at Wrestlemania.
Winner: Jack Swagger
All or Nothing Match
Shawn Michaels vs. JBL
I can”t see HBK loosing this one because of the way its played out. I”ve heard rumours of JBL winning only for HBK to trip him into a rematch at WrestleMania but I can”t see that happening and would be disappointed to be honest. In my opinion HBK will win and keep the value of his name…hmmmm I wonder how much his name goes for in Canada?
Winner: Shawn Michaels
No Holds Barred Match
Randy Orton Vs Shane McMahon
I know this is probably the number one feud in the WWE at the moment, which would generally make this match last or second last; but I can”t see the WWE raising and lowering the Chamber all night so I am placing this match here.
I see Randy Orton taking Shane out in this match, leading into a theory I have. Remember Stephanie on Raw speaking to someone unknown on the phone”I am betting it was Triple H. Orton then on the same night said he hadn”t decided which title he would be challenging for at WrestleMania…so listen to this. Triple H wins the chamber later on in the night. Orton goes for Stephanie saying he”s taking out her whole family, then Trips enters, setting up Orton vs Trips for the WWE Title at WrestleMania and concluding the storyline…don”t let the WWE hear this though, they might change their plans and put Orton against Swagger instead…yeah I went there!!
Winner: Randy Orton
World Heavyweight Title Elimination Chamber Match
Kane Vs Kofi Kingston Vs Mike Knox Vs Rey Mysterio Vs Chris Jericho Vs John Cena (Champion)
This has an unpredictable line-up with realisticly only two possible winners in the match. John Cena and Chris Jericho. Rey would have the next best shot but I can”t see it happening. I expect this match to have a lot of bumps and a lot of “Holy Shit” moments between the highflyers and the big men. That should set some of them up for Money in the Bank at WrestleMania. I”d like to see Rey and Kofi get the ball rolling for the match, would really get the crowd into it.
For me though I think god himself John Cena is going to win, but because I am a huge Jericho mark and will always pick him I am going with Chris.
Winner: Chris Jericho 🙂
WWE Title Elimination Chamber Match
Triple H Vs Big Show Vs Undertaker Vs Jeff Hardy Vs Vladimir Kozlov Vs Edge (Champion)
The lineup suggests a great match and I am honestly looking forward to this one. Unlike the other chamber, there are a few that could come out with the win, setting up any number of possible matches for WrestleMania.
If my theory involving Triple H is wrong then I would vote for Edge to take the win; to be honest, if I was booking the match I would make sure Edge was carrying the Title into WrestleMania because he deserves it, but hey”.who am I to judge, its not as if I would of thought of the genius plan to put Christian on ECW, they surly are better at these things”
Anyways…starting the match”hmmmm Hardy probably, I can”t actually pick who he will start against. I expect Matt to do something to screw Jeff. I also can see Taker getting screwed somehow. I don”t care about Kozlov and I think Show might be abit of a lost cause at the moment, he”s going to end up marrying Vickie or something.
So I am sticking to my theory. Trips for the win.
Winner: Triple H
That”s all for this week peeps, this has been another edition of the Shooting Star Press.
PS. Why the hell is Christian on ECW?? This makes me sad.

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I agree with everything you said about the Randy vs Shane match and how Randy will challenge HHH. If this is the way the creative team are going then finally they are doing something the fans want to see!

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