CBlog XXXVI- Thoughts on WWE No Way Out 2009

I liked how WWE has been doing their pay-per-views lately. How there is always some sort of surprise that no one predicted. It makes every pay-per-view a “must see”.

SmackDown having both World Champions seems too familiar, as it just happened last June. I expect it to stay like this until the Draft, maybe. On the other hand, that would make WrestleMania weird. I believe that the only reason Triple H won the WWE Title is so we can have Triple H Vs. Randy Orton for the title at ‘Mania. I think the more logical thing to do with Edge is to have Edge come to RAW and represent RAW as the World Heavyweight Champion. I am going by’s Superstars pages as they have both Triple H & Edge as SmackDown’s champions. If you think about it, this only leaves the Intercontinental & Women’s Titles that are still held by a RAW Superstar/Diva.

I thought it was funny that Cole said that the crowd was chanting “Rey” when they was chanting “Edge”. They were chanting “Rey” later on, but when he said it, it was an “Edge” chant.

I was surprised to hear Undertaker’s music at the beginning of the show as I did not expect the WWE Title Elimination Chamber Match to be first. I started to suspect something was up when the World Heavyweight Title Elimination Chamber Match was going to main event the pay-per-view. Given the weak talent in the Chamber, something had to happen and I think it was pulled off great, in my opinion. Even though the reveal of Edge was in the World Heavyweight Title Elimination Chamber Match, I still think the WWE Title Elimination Chamber Match was the best match of the night.
The World Heavyweight Title Elimination Chamber was okay, but when the match started with Edge in the pod, you had to know he would become the champion by the end of the match. One thing that kept happening with me throughout the night was I kept mouthing the words “ooh, God” or “Jesus Christ” to myself when I saw some of the spots in the rougher matches. Like the spot where Shane hit Orton with the monitor or when Rey went into the pod (both times). Anyways, back to the World Heavyweight Title Chamber Match. It was a fairly uneventful match until Edge got involved. Honestly, I am glad to see that Cena no longer holds the gold.

The No Holds Barred Match was a great match, as well. Despite the fact that when the match was originally announced, it was slated as having no interference and then we had Legacy interfere. Despite that, it was great. It may be ignorant on my part, but that looked like a legitimate cut on Orton, as opposed to a blade job. He got slammed with that monitor. If you watch Shane, he even had a look of concern. The ending RKO was a classic RKO moment.

The “All or Nothing” Match was a decent match, but what made it good was that stiff right hand by Rebecca to JBL. I think it really connected, too. I wish WWE would sign Rebecca to a Divas contract, she is all sorts of smokin! The outcome did not really surprise me. It seems like we will see a rematch at WrestleMania, though I would rather see Undertaker Vs. Michaels.

The ECW Championship Match made me keep expecting something to happen because the match was that bad. I was hoping that the match would be set to start and Theodore Long would come out and make it a Triple Threat Match with Christian. I was behind the fans who were chanting “We Want Christian”. Though, it was more of a “We Need Christian” type of match. Though, I wonder where this Finlay/Hornswoggle angle is going. A father/son feud perhaps? After I thought about it for a while, I realized that this was the replacement for the Divas Match, which is usually the “bathroom break” match.
I will be posting another blog soon….