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Big WWE News: Tough Enough Returning?

Talks of a WWE reality show are still being tossed around with two ideas being given right now.  One is bringing back Tough Enough and although there were some veterans in the business that disagreed with "revealing" that much of the business when it originally aired years back, I highly doubt they can feel that way anymore with so much being put out there nowadays. 

The other idea is a "Surreal Life" type of series that would place former stars in a house together.  Although I would love to see this from a pure entertainment standpoint (given that they get the right stars involved), it appears they are leaning toward bringing Tough Enough back. Vince McMahon reportedly doesn’t want to showcase former talent in a washed-up, "down and out" state.

The big issue here is the added workload of producing another series like Tough Enough.  The creative team is already stretched to the max as is the production crew with their current schedule, plus the addition of Superstars only adds to that.  We’ll keep you posted, however.