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SSP: WWE Tag Team Division

For the 5th edition of the Shooting Star Press I will be going on a rant about the Tag Team Division, or lack they”re of to be more actuate. I will also be introducing a new segment into my blogs entitled It’s time for anotherGood Idea, Bad Idea” So lets get this show on the road.

I want to start by comparing the WWE Tag team roster of the last 2-3 years with the WWF (Bloody Panda”s) Tag Team Roster during the first few years of the 90”s. Keep in mind that the current roster is actually minus two of the below teams mentioned and I will not be including random Tag Teams from either era; example John Cena & Batista or B. Beefcake & G. Valentine. The comparison is just an example; I could actually choose any era”s Tag team Division over the current one and it would still win.
Last 3 years

  • Priceless
  • Miz and Morrison
  • Cryme Time
  • Carlito and Primo
  • Jesse & Festus
  • Hawkins and Ryder
  • London and Kendrick
  • Cade & Murdock
  • The Sprit Squad


  • The Steiners
  • Money Inc
  • Natural Disasters
  • The Beverly Brothers
  • Demlition
  • The Hart Foundation
  • The Rockers
  • The Legion of Doom
  • The Nasty Boys
  • Strike Force
  • The Brianbusters
  • The Bushwackers

Now I may have left out one or two teams from each era due to memory lost but at present the WWE have only have 6 proper Tag Teams and that roster is split due to the fact that there”s two Tag Team Championships””.This is nothing more than a joke.
Anyone reading this, I want you to step back for a second and look at both those lists and tell me how many stand out in your mind, and also tell me how many stand out in wrestling history. I have picked more from the 90”s list than the current roster has in total.
To me the current roster is being kept alive by Miz and Morrison.
Miz and Morrison are one of the greatest tag teams to have been put together in a long, long time, but that”s totally over shadowed by the fact they don”t have a roster to conquer. You”d think seeing as Miz and Morrison are jumping between the 3 shows anyway that they would put the Tag Titles together or just get rid of the other belts altogether. As it stands its laughable as Miz and Morrison have been beating Carlito and Primo (The WWE Tag Team Champions) for the last few weeks, making the Colon”s look like they don”t deserve the titles. This could potentially be a great feud between two teams that can put on some great performances.
If you look at Edge & Christian and The Hardyz, both teams made such an impact on the Tag Team Division working against each other, that they are all now solidified singles wrestlers. This was also the case with such teams as The Hart Foundation, The Rockers (sort of), Strike Force, among others. Now admittedly there are a certain amount of Tag Teams that were just made for the Tag Team role, ie; The Road Warriors or The Dudleyz and as such, teams that could be potentially as good as these teams should have a proper division to take part in.
I got into an argument a few months back on a forum with some guy who claimed that the WWE had not only one good Tag Team division, but two”.One for each show. As you can imagine I went a little bit mental and the more I thought about it the more it annoyed me. It isn”t hard to create a decent Tag Team Division. If you have two wrestlers were “creative have nothing for them” then put them in a tag team. They still get air time and are working with different people every week, who knows who they might click with. This is one of those things that use to be so enjoyable to watch on wrestling, but now it has no credibility as long as there are two sets of Tag Titles.
Ironically, as I am writing this blog I am watching Smackdown and they have announced a WWE Tag Team Title Match were Miz and Morrison will challenge the Colon”s for their Tag Titles next week. Now this could go one of two ways. The WWE have finally got sense and will revive the Tag Team Division by having one set of Tag Titles or The Colon”s win and the whole thing becomes more pointless. If I was booking this, the match would happen with both set”s of Titles on the line and it would happen after a few months at a PPV. It”ll be interesting to watch Smackdown this week to see what happens. If they mess this up it will just be another prime example of how the WWE only cares about the bigger storylines and don”t bother to thing about the rest of the card.
Now that might rant is over I am going to introduce to the newest segment of my blog. It’s time for anotherGood Idea, Bad Idea“. I will mention two factors over the last week involving the WWE that I believe is either a good idea or a bad idea.

Good Idea

* The surprise element of No Way Out where Edge competed in both elimination chambers and left as the World Heavyweight Champion.

Bad Idea

* Having Scotty Goldman get squashed by Umaga and then releasing him after renaming his Show to “Good as Goldman”. On a side note, I wish Scotty the best of luck being back on the indie scene. I hope he tears it up.

That”s it for this week Peeps, this has been another edition of the Shooting Star Press.

3 replies on “SSP: WWE Tag Team Division”

Not that it really matters as a factor in the comparison between the two eras, but Beefcake and Valentine weren’t a random team. They were the Dream Team and held the WWF tag titles for over 7 months.

I couldn’t agree with the points you are making more, now that we have seen the draft results aswell the tag team division has become even worse. Breaking up the teams of Jesse & Festus, Hawkins and Ryder and the Miz and Morrison. Which I hear will lead to the release of Hawkins and Jesse. The tag team division, now only has three recognised tag teams, four if WWE decides to create the new Hart Foundation, which seems likely now DH Smith, Tyson Kidd and Natayla are on the same show. But this still really isnt good enough. I like the idea of unified tag team titles but their seems little point if there are tagteams on other shows that cant compete for them.

Splitting up Jesse and Festus was a BAD idea. What’s even worse is what they’re doing to Jesse on Smackdown, dressing him up as a thug to use as an “extra” in Cryme Time’s “Word Up” skits. They should end this and put Jesse and Festus back together.

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